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Adventure Organization Basics: Review Your Notes

Time to Review At this point in the preparation process, you probably think everything is ready to go. First, you've thought of some ideas. Second, you filtered those ideas and [...]

Adventure Organization Basics: Note Taking

Adventure Organization Basics: Note Taking When it comes to adventure organization, you likely thought of note taking as the first concept in that process. Note taking is actually the fourth [...]

Adventure Organization Basics: Synthesize your Ideas

Synthesize Your Ideas Welcome back to adventure organization basics. AOB is series where I talk about preparing your materials for play at the table. This is part three in the [...]

Adventure Organization Basics: Reconciliation

Time for Reconciliation Welcome back to the second installment of adventure organization basics. In this article, we'll talk about reconciliation, the second step in adventure organization. After you have generated [...]

Adventure Organization Basics: Ideation

Adventure Organization Basics Hello, and welcome to a new series here on Earthmote. We are going to be talking about creating adventures. Adventures make your campaign come to life. We [...]


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