Getting Started

Earthmote helps Game Masters make their games soar. I focus on efficiency and action-oriented game preparation. My goal is to share tools, ideas and methods to help you organize and prepare for your games. An organized game master is a confident game master. If you are just getting started here are Earthmote check out what I’m about and the introductory post.


Latest Earthmote News

  • I’ve been making changes to the website! I’m playing around with the typography to make it more user friendly
  • I have updated the Earthmote about page [COMPLETE]
  • I’m adding an article series section. This will help people navigate to popular topics that I’ve discussed. A good example will be a collection of all the Notion posts in a single spot.
  • I’m working on adding a Resources page. This will cover a lot of the tools I discuss in my Tools of the Trade series. I will also be recommending books, videos, software and so on.
    • Hopefully I can organize it in a fashion that makes it easy to find things.
    • I intend this to be a living document. As I find more good stuff, it will be added.

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